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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Remarks on San Francisco Plane Crash


Q: On July 7, Beijing time, an airliner of Asiana Airlines crashed while landing in San Francisco, the US. There are Chinese citizens among the casualties. Please update us on the accident and what has China done in the follow-up.

A: General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, Chairman of the Central Military Commission and President Xi Jinping is deeply concerned about the casualties caused by the crash-landing of an Asiana Airlines airplane in San Francisco on July 7, Beijing time. He directed the Foreign Ministry, Chinese Embassy in the US, Consulate-General in San Francisco and Embassy in the ROK to spare no effort to treat and cure injured Chinese citizens, help the survivors settle down and stay in touch with the US and the ROK to properly handle the aftermath of the death of Chinese citizens.

The Foreign Ministry, Chinese diplomatic missions in the US and Embassy in the ROK are making all-out efforts in accordance with President Xi Jinping's important instructions. The US and the ROK have pledged to offer full convenience and assistance to China in dealing with the aftermath of Chinese citizens' death, treating and curing the injured, helping the survivors settle down and arranging for relevant families' travel to the US. The Consulate-General in San Francisco has sent working teams to the hospital and the airport to verify the casualties and release and update the name list in a timely fashion. Information from various sides shows that up till 7pm Beijing time, 78 Chinese citizens have been confirmed safe, and others are to be contacted. The US has informed us of the death of two Chinese citizens. The Foreign Ministry and relevant diplomatic missions will closely follow the handling of the accident and cooperate with relevant departments to verify, treat and cure, arrange accommodation for relevant people and deal with the aftermath.

The hotline numbers for consular protection and assistance of the Chinese Consulate-General in San Francisco are 001-415-2168525 and 001-415-8525924. The hotline number for consular protection of the Chinese Foreign Ministry is 0086-10-65964089.

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