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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang's Remarks on Japan's Disclosure of China's Oil and Gas Exploration in the East China Sea


Q: According to media reports, Japanese Foreign Ministry made public the locations and pictures of China's oil and gas platforms in the East China Sea on its website this afternoon. How does China comment on this?

A: China's oil and gas exploration in the East China Sea is in undisputable waters under China's jurisdiction, and falls within China's sovereign rights and jurisdiction. What Japan did provokes confrontation between the two countries, and is not constructive at all to the management of the East China Sea situation and the improvement of bilateral relations. We hope that the Japanese side can reflect upon its behaviors based on the four- point principled consensus reached between the two countries last year.

The Chinese side remains unchanged on its position of implementing the principled consensus concerning the East China Sea, and is willing to maintain communication with Japan on relevant issues related to the East China Sea. The key is for Japan to create favorable environment and conditions to implement these consensus. Japan's hyping up of the oil and gas issue in the East China Sea will do nothing good to carry out dialogue and cooperation between China and Japan on the East China Sea-related issues.

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